Antimicrobial cationic polymers: from structural design to functional control (invited review)

Image credit: NPG


Antimicrobial cationic polymers mainly contain two functional components: the cationic groups and the hydrophobic groups. The antimicrobial activity is influenced by the type, amount, location and distribution of these two components. This review summarizes the designs and syntheses of antimicrobial cationic polymers by controlling the above two factors. It involves the structural designs from primary to secondary structures, from covalent to noncovalent syntheses and from bulk to surface. Furthermore, it will discuss how to advance structural designs toward functional controls for optimizing the antimicrobial performances and biocompatibility of antimicrobial cationic polymers. It is anticipated that this review will provide some guidelines for developing molecular engineering of antimicrobial cationic polymers with tailor-made structures and functions.

Polym. J., 2018, 50, 33-44