Zehuan was invited to the School of Chemistry in Dalian University of Technology for academic communications.

Oct 30, 2023 12:00 AM

Zehuan delivered an invited presentation in the “Dayu Lecture Hall”.

On October 30th 2023, Zehuan was invited by Assoc. Prof. Yunhe Jin to the School of Chemistry at Dalian University of Technology as an honored guest of the 27th lecture of the “Dayu Lecture Hall”, and delivered a presentation entitled " Slow means strong: Glass-like supramolecular materials achieved by slow dissociative crosslinks". After that, all the participants and Zehuan enjoyed fruitful communications and discussions.

Zehuan Huang
Zehuan Huang
Principal Investigator

Father, Husband, Son & Researcher in Supramolecular Biomaterials.